Work hard for your visions.

"When The Vision Is Clear, The Result Will Appear. "
This world full of people where we all want to be successful and we all are running towards success but according to me all those peoples are divided into two categories, one who dreams about being successful and other who sets visions. There is a big difference between being a dreamer and visionary.     If you want to be successful in life then set your visions because I think "every desired career demands basic skills and basic requirements and the most important  is vision" , ok I know all of you would thinks that why do I prefer you to set visions so here is your answer: "I think visionary is a person with genuine thoughts, great point of view, has a strength to face any type of situation peacefully and finds a solution of every problem that no one else ever imagined."The first stage of your vision is to "be positive" because being positive opens a doors of an extraordinary possibility.…

Teach your girl that she is not perfect, she is brave

A Brave Girl Stands Up For Everyone.
We are raising our girls to be perfect and our boys to be brave. (Said by Reshma Saujani founder of  " girls who code") Just focus on the words which are written above. Our society and we all are just losing out because we're not raising our girls to be brave. We all are living in a society where we often praised our girls for being "beautiful" and "perfect" and we praised our boys for being "hard-working" and "brave". We girls are always taught by our society that "our values lies more in how we cook, how we dress up, how we look and how we maintain our body shape rather than in chances we take"  but another hand we always teach our boys that "Don't be afraid, try to work hard, don't try to be perfect". You know it's the main reason that our girls avoid challenges, easily give up on every thing and try to look beautiful while boys who are taught for working hard  …

Be Slow To Criticize And Fast To Appreciate.

Criticism May Not Be Agreeable, But it is necessary.. Let's talk about being criticized, there is always someone who criticize about your work, or find faults in everything what you have done if I talk about my experience then yes, people also criticize about my blog post. The most hateful comment I've ever received is: your blog posts are totally waste of time.
"Criticism is fact of life and it can only hurt you if you allow it to" If you choose to respond to people who criticized you, then just handle them with love and kindness. Don't give your power to anyone no Matter what happened just tell the people who criticized you that : "Judging me does not define who I am, It defines who you are."
We are all judged and criticized by others because there is no effort without errors and short comings.
"The one who criticized others is a one who do nothing and create nothing" Just handle their comments with good laugh and tell them with kindness that…


The World's Biggest Power Is Youth...
   I decide to dedicate my this blog post to the voice of young generation like teenagers or students of school,college and university.
"Basically youth voice refers to the distinct ideas, opinions, attitude, knowledge and actions of young people as collective body"

Any adult who is fighting for gender equality or talk about country's affairs or talk about politics seems to be courageous or dedicated hero, but if we teenagers are fighting for gender equality or talk about country's or community's affairs, or talk about politics everyone stops us just because we are too young, or because we have very little voice, so we won't fix anything.
My voice is disrespected hundreds of time only just because I am very young, or I am only 17 years old, so I am ignorant .I have years of experience that my voice is not respected.
 MAIN PROBLEM IS....In our education system we expected to learn the whole course or to "absorb in&…


Do you wanna overcome your fear that what other people think about you???? " Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear"In life if you want something or you want to achieve your goals then you have to overcome your fears.
Ok! Firstly I want to tell you that what is the " FEAR OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK"
"An extreme form of shyness and timidity (easily frightened) .It may include as awkwardness and uneasiness when appearing in public "

You know the fear of what other people think is a prison. It stop you from reaching your full potential and stop you from enjoying your life to its fullest.

   I couldn't bring myself to speak loudly in public or share my opinion with people just because I'm afraid of people .I think they point out at me and laugh at  my opinions . At school I'm also afraid of facing people I'm afraid of sharing my ideas and opinions with my teachers and mates because I think they make fun of my ideas .when I'm…